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05 March 2006 @ 02:00 am
The Valley of Pain and Pleasure  
The veil of mist across the slumbering sky dreams of an ocean of stars. The night is soon to come and my nightmares have already begun. Demons, twisting, turning, lashing out inside my troubled skull. The devil is welcome to roam the landscape of my mind. His deceit is read quite well; I see his horrific torments and am blessed. In what delicious suffering can I indulge? The pain is thoroughly delightful.
Call me bastard, demon, I don't care. Make it your life's work to bore me with your stupid lies.
My pain can only lead to pleasure. Yes, the pleasure of relief when the pain has decayed and drifted silently away.
O brothers, O sisters, why the ridiculous masks? Your journey toward the end has been ignored a thousand times.
I've begun my search throughout the valley of pain and pleasure. I accumulate my discoveries and absorb through every pore. I hear things and see them as they are.
I have seen mindless ghosts through the sweat soaked air that surrounds my bed. And struggling, I breathe the heavy atmosphere in intense waves of passion turned to silent dismay.
Fear has been my muse. I play with it, abuse it like a loved one pushed away only to be held close once more. I taste the pain and savor its miserable sensations. In pleasure I am frozen and it seems impossible that it should end.
My flesh is but a mere vessel of sensation in which my eyes have come to see the world as only I can see it. Flaws are the sordid details of perfection. Everything destroys itself and this is the so called flaw that humans have deemed an imperfection.
Life is a constant changing, molding, and flowing. Azure columns of a city built in heavenly light. Eyes struggling to pierce the monstrous crimson shade. A beautiful Persian paradise.
I look upon the face of The School of Athens and see myself, somewhere hidden within the shadows of eternal enlightenment.

A new night has come to bring me a blooming, blissful euphoria. I lay upon the wooden deck and the clouds are like puffy ships sailing through a sea of scintillant stars. The swimming atmosphere holds a benevolent splendor. The smell of burning wood lingers gently off in the distance and my mind surprises me with a glorious rapture, so captivating.
The trees cradle me in the streets of an empty evening.
Day. The flowers budding, turquoise from the trees with a backdrop of foreboding clouds.
Clouds on the horizon, reddish powder flowing across the sky. When will this hot red sand pour like so many tiny flames to burn by crying eyes to sleep? When will my lids be seared shut and my mind turned away like so much stinting? I stand on the threshold of euphoria and am burned. Blundering into unimaginable pleasure only to realize it's passing away. I try desperately to remember it only to find myself brooding in despair. So foolish for such a piercing mind.
Stripped naked of all but pain, I see the landscape of my mind in a sea of discoveries.

The smiling moon and Venus staring at me with her one and only eye, so tranquil, perched upon the sky in an incandescent slumber.
I've moaned, cried, and cursed in my sleep. A bastard child, devil, demon. Unimaginable escape.
A twisted barrier. Forgotten dreams, images unreal. A passion for the undeniably insane. I fear the sea and love it so much more. Detached and ever changing its mysterious world where monsters reign inside the darkness of the savage waves.
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