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13 February 2006 @ 01:22 am
I was struggling, climbing limbless through myriad wretched and decrepit faces swooping out of the surrounding darkness, some screaming, others laughing; all disclosing the universal countenance of decay. I could feel their bony, dry, flesh-shedding hands pawing at my torso as I continued to ascend. I was soon covered with the dust of them as their lips shed whispers across my face and the rest continued to scream and laugh, all voices babbling, dry and void of all articulation. Yet it seemed that there was meaning to this insane chorus and that was: Eternal Putrefaction. It was vertiginous in its fury of cacophonous inflections.

I screamed for the horror of it and as I did I felt their tongues oozing in and out of my mouth, exuding strange palpitating fluids spreading many smooth tendrils of their flesh down my throat, and quite verily I vomited rivulets of blood.

As it spattered these many corpses their otherwise soft and caved-in mouths became snouts displaying fangs, every face elongating, eyes sinking into blackness. Their screams became an opera of many strained and shuddering moans, these moans soon muffled as their mouths connected with each contour of my naked skin. The pain was immediate as I continued to rise and flesh was sucked away by these infernal, terrifying creatures of whatever hell it was in which I found myself. And as new blood was then exposed I felt the agony of flesh being torn and shredded in a blur of flailing claws and mouths and then quite suddenly the pain dispersed as did all creatures save myself, formless, penetrating darkness, all silent, all void; naught but consciousness of darkness in itself.

And then it seemed that I saw a pinpoint of white light and as I did it suddenly surrounded me as I descended through its many faceless forms, touching me in one continual caress, orgasm permeating all; and all was consciousness, all joined in one harmonious and dulcet chorus in a single inflection. And its meaning was: Perpetual Regeneration. As I plummeted in a quickening descent this boundless light began to fill me and my bliss continued to increase a thousand fold with each new heated draught of illumination. Then quite verily was I hurled into darkness and I exploded in a chaos of furiously burning life, the spiral force of which separated structure, flinging many colored lights beyond the scope of my perception. Still did I continue to burn and as the twirling slowed by gradual degrees each colored light began to pull back, then quite verily to pour back into me as I again accumulated bliss. And then all consciousness turned inward as I poured into myself in a separation of attention down many tubes of rippling blue light, some slow, some fast; others changing red, then green, yellow, all shimmering as consciousness reflected all, and then merged together in a vast whirling tube of multicolored light. As it quickened it became a blur of white, then straightened as I moved, flashing down its shaft, and I emerged in human form into darkness filled with thousands upon thousands of swirlings and roilings of many twinkling lights. I reached out my hand and cradled one of all the rest inside my palm. I then brought it close for further scrutiny and observed of its many variations of life as they changed in tiny, frenetic bursts within its predominant structure. I then pulled my gaze away and crushed it to the very smallest aggregation of its form; and as I let it go it flittered away and out into the unfathomable darkness beyond my breadth of vision.

Delighted, I then repeated such upon all others, crushing and watching as they flittered away in scintillating puffs of dust, until it was that I had ridded darkness of them all and nought was left but my own form and consciousness thereof. And a sense of longing began to accumulate until it was that the culmination of it surfaced in a catastrophic ecstasy and every form was created anew, and I again proceeded to crush them all and to watch as they disappeared into darkness.

Soon the aggregation of all became such that I could crush them all at once; the catastrophic ecstasy, this celestial orgasm of all form and consciousness, following immediately, until it was that it became but one, that one itself exploding out in all directions; and soon I knew. I knew as all perception of existence separated into infinite points of view and outlets of attention; I knew as infinite vantages of concentration and conscious observations were perceived in a single moment. I knew. I knew that all Existence was forever and that Life and Death are one.